General Mills International: 2008-2014.


AMBASSADOR PROGRAM: Change Management: 2013-14  Internationaly Implanted


ESSENTIALS PROGRAM: In job training Program: 2012-2013. International



1.    Influencing as a leader
2.    Excellence in Business Management
3.    Marketing for Profitability
4.    Talent & Performance Management
5.    Effective Communication skills
6.    Financial Management & Business Analysis
7.    Building Strategic Relationships



Foundation Luca de Tena:(FLT) Strategic Assessment & Direction of Psychology department. 2005-2014


Strategic Development of Häagen Dazs Shops, Spain & Portugal: 1998-2007:
1.    Training needs Diagnostic, 1998-1999
2.    Best practices in HD Shops, Research 1999
3.    Job Descriptions for employees 1999/2000
4.    Staff re-engineering at HD Shops 2000
5.    Outdoor Meetings 2001-2002-2003
6.    Operations Manual 2002-2003 (CD)
7.    Top 20 Methodology, Research and Innovation Program in HDS 2006-2007



Iberia: Communication and health and safety training program for the pilots. New culture & organisation on the flight cockpit: 1989-1991





FLT: Creativity & problem solving, workshop 2006-2008


Häagen Dazs Shops, Pillsbury Iberica:


  1. Training Plan 2001-2005
  2. Training and Workshops, Shop managers and Staff 2001-2003
  3. Training Centre, Training Plan and Handbooks for new Shop Managers, 2002-2003



High Art school Madrid No. 4: courses 2001-2004

  1. Creative Project Management
  2. Research &  Marketing: project development




UE LEONARDO DA VINCI projects, Partners: Elkepa, Greece, DGB (German trade union for the Environment), City of Malmö, Sweden: 1997-2000

  1. Eco Auditor
  2. Manager of Solid Waste
  3. Hazardous Waste Management  


FORCEM (EU Education and Training Department)
Sectorial Research & training needs
:  Environmental sector, Forestry, Agriculture, Insurance, Women, etc.1997-2000

Courses & Handbooks: 1996-2000


  • Train-the-trainer program for Agricultural sector
  • Interactive & audiovisual Training Handbook.




University Hospital Guadalajara: Training Plan 1993-1997 Quality Health Service, Mnagement, Customer service, Communication & social skills, Planning, Negotiation...




Madrid Region: Courses 1993-1995

  1. Social & Market researcher
  2. Bussines Model for new enterpreneurs






Markin: agriculture Qualitative Research:


  • cotton
  • vineyards
  • cereals
  • Greenhouses
  • Tomato
  • Corn 




Societè Generale: 2002-2005

Motivations and demands research of spanish investors and savers; Communication strategy.





Hachette Filipacchi: 2000-2004: Research and pre-launch testing for their diverse high profile publications such as:




  1. Quo
  2. Elle
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. Car & Driver
  5. Clio
  6. Deviajes









Tea Cegos: Usability Methodology. Websites quality testing. 2003-04



Click - Marketing: Prospect analysis methodology: Market Research


  1. Loewe 2001
  2. Motorola 2000
  3. British Life 1998-99








Spanish Federation Of municipalities and Provinces: Organisational Research all Regions: Consumer information for municipal offices. 1998


Madrid Ragion: Social research:


  1. Public and corporate Image assessment;
  2. Training needs for unenployed



ONCE: (NGO for the blind) Development of Small and Medium businesses for the visually impaired, Viability Research: Development of small business for visual impaired. 1987-88 / Train-the-Trainer programs. 




Red Cross Spain: Train-the-Trainer programs, training courses for health agents and summer camp instructors, conflict resolution, organizational analysis, 1990-94 




Regional Deputation of Valencia: Research in 16 municipalities of Valencia: Citizen service needs 1988-89

Themis (Association of Women Lawyers) Methodology Conference and program evaluation. 1988-89 


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